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Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Website and Blog

As soon as I started working as a full time freelancer I decided it was a time to start writing a blog and to have basic portfolio website. I created one page website with just contact info in a matter of hours and put it online to serve me temporarily until I don’t finish more content-rich website.

Original Website

Six months later and countless of iterations I’m fully satisfied with the content I produced and it is finally ready to launch.

So why did it take so long to finish? Alongside regular consultancy work I had left only evenings and weekends to realy focus on my side project. Even though I was working really hard I had a lot to learn on many fronts like: writing website copy, web design, typography, making it look pretty in different browsers and handheld/mobile devices.

I spent a lot of time writing actual copy for website with a great help from Brennan Dunn and his excellent The Blueprint book which merely influenced my messages.

On the technical side I decided to blog like hacker and used Jekyll static site generator which also enabled me with free hosting via Github Pages (Kudos for Github!). Source code is hosted on Github so feel free to take a look and steal bits of content it if you like it ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ll be publishing more useful content once in a while… if I ever get some free time!